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You will find specific instructions for submission on the relevant KEATS page of the module for which you are submitting work. KEATS automatically highlights late submissions in red to both students and staff. Work submitted ON the deadline will be marked as late E.

Please carefully review information below, as it outlines penalties that will be applied for late submissions. Contact the Professional Services Team via kings-foundations kcl. There is no minimum number of words required in an assignment.

However, assignments significantly below the suggested word count are unlikely to meet Pass criteria. NB Because of the requirement to use lengthier footnotes in Law, word counts for Law essays do not include footnotes that give citations. You will be required to submit some of your coursework online see Programme Handbook for details. Please note the following for online submission:. The file s electronically submitted at the time of the deadline will be taken as the final and complete submitted work, and no amendments or additions will be permitted after the submission deadline.

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Students should check files on the system after submission to ensure they are valid and correct. Failure to correctly follow instructions given in your programme or module handbook may result in work not being marked. Please save all receipts because they can be used to confirm successful submission in the unlikely event of a technical failure. If Turnitin reports an error while submitting, please note the error and and inform the Professional Services Team via kings-foundations kcl. The address of the assignee may be recited in the assignment document and must be given in the required cover sheet.

The recording fee set forth in 37 CFR 1. If a document to be recorded includes interests in, or transactions involving, both patents and trademarks, then separate patent and trademark cover sheets, each accompanied by a copy of the document to be recorded, must be submitted.

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Each assignment document submitted to the Office for recording must be accompanied by a cover sheet as required by 37 CFR 3. The cover sheet for patents or patent applications must contain:. For applications filed on or after September 16, , if the assignment document is also intended to serve as the required oath or declaration, the cover sheet must also contain a conspicuous indication of an intent to utilize the assignment as the required oath or declaration under 37 CFR 1.

See 37 CFR 3. If the document submitted for recordation is a joint research agreement or an excerpt of a joint research agreement, the cover sheet must clearly identify the document as a "joint research agreement" in the space provided for the description of the interest conveyed if using Form PTO The date the joint research agreement was executed must also be identified. The cover sheet must also identify the name s of the owner s of the application or patent in the space provided for the name and address of the party receiving the interest if using Form PTO The name s of every other party ies to the joint research agreement must also be identified in the space provided for the name of the party conveying the interest if using Form PTO Each patent cover sheet should contain the number of patent applications or patents identified in the cover sheet and the total fee.

Examples of the type of descriptions of the interest conveyed or transaction to be recorded that can be identified are:. Cover sheets required by 37 CFR 3. A patent cover sheet may not refer to trademark applications or registrations. Box , Alexandria, Virginia , unless they are filed together with new applications. In order to ensure prompt and proper processing, documents and their cover sheets should be addressed to the Mail Stop Assignment Recordation Services, Director of the U.

Patent and Trademark Office, P.

Box , Alexandria, VA , unless they are filed together with new applications. Requests for recording documents which accompany new applications should be addressed to the Commissioner for Patents, P.

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Box , Alexandria, VA Assignments and other documents affecting title may be submitted to the Office via facsimile fax. This process allows customers to submit their documents directly into the automated Patent and Trademark Assignment System and receive the resulting recordation notice at their fax machine.

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If the Office system is unable to complete transmission of the recordation notice, the notice will be printed and mailed to the sender by U. Postal Service first class mail. Any assignment-related document for patent matters submitted by facsimile must include:.

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The following documents cannot be submitted via facsimile:. The date of receipt accorded to an assignment document sent to the Office by facsimile transmission is the date the complete transmission is received in the Office. The benefits of a certificate of transmission under 37 CFR 1.