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Then that night came, the night that I got caught.

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I was on my way home when I was pulled over by a police officer, arrested, and thrown in jail where I remained for eighteen long gruesome hours. I could not be released from jail until I appeared before a judge for my sentencing.

I will never forget the words that Judge Jasso told me on that early Monday morning in December. I decided that I wanted more out of my life and I knew exactly what to do to achieve it. Even though I knew that it would not be easy, I decided to go to school again. Once more I called upon my mother for help, contacting her immediately after my release from jail. To my surprise, she was willing to let me move into her house until I could get back on my feet again.

I moved out of the apartment that I once shared with my former friend Cindy and moved to Quinlan.

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To this day, several years later, I have not seen, nor heard from Cindy again. I stayed with my mother for six months. During that time I landed a job at a local retail store where I advanced quickly. I had several management positions offered to me, but turned them down because I wanted to go to college again. I moved back to Dallas, found a job and began to save every dime that I could to pay for my return to college. Still, it was not easy. I worked at least forty hours a week, sometimes more. I began by attending night classes.

I would leave work at p. At first, I had very hard time adjusting to my new schedule.

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As time went by, I gradually became more comfortable being back in school. Without the distractions of partying all of the time, I felt that this time my attempt at college would be a successful one. My mind was made up I was going to have a career. As I look back on my life experiences, I have some regrets for the paths that I chose to take. I feel as if I have wasted several years and have missed out on some very important times of my life, as well as the lives of my family.

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However, I do realize that I must not hold a grudge, nor shall I store guilt, for that will only lead my life on a path of destruction. I truly believe that things happen to a person in life for a reason. Therefore, I must leave the past behind and concentrate on my future. My life lessons have helped me become the person that I am today.

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After two years, I am still attending college in hopes of becoming a nurse. My second attempt at college has proven to be far more positive and successful than I ever imagined it could be.

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