Thesis on color blindness

The present research aims to investigate the effect of different aspects of these ideologies on intergroup attitudes.

Aspecten diversiteitsideologieën colorblindness en multiculturalisme en intergroepsattituden

Results showed that the different aspects did not have a significant effect on the feelings of people towards different ethnic out-groups. Ethnic identification was not a moderator on the effect of the different aspects of the ideologies on intergroup attitudes. Not available. The author may have various reasons for not providing access, for instance because it is prohibited by the commissioner of the research, or because the author is conducting further research on the subject.

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All the fixed images just look wrong too me. The red however in your first image is better than all the others.

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It appears that all you have done is changed the colour of the banners and the characters. Except for Tritanopia example where you have removed colour from the rest of the game.

Color Blind Test - Do You See Color Like Everyone Else?

Comment by Chris Wild — October 27, Not sure if it actually make sense for this type of game? Not so sure how well if at all this works?

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  • October 26, 2013.
  • Aspecten diversiteitsideologieën colorblindness en multiculturalisme en intergroepsattituden?
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Comment by noblemaster — October 28, The main problem with colourblindness is the separation of colours. And this is where games fall foul. So in your example of using Red banners, this only becomes a problem if you also use green banners, and then this is only usually a problem if the green is darker. The red, dark green, and brown will start to look the same, especially when close together.

The Metaphor of the Moral Rainbow | The Independent Whig

The same will happen when you use a light green and yellow for example. So, make the middle centurion and his banner a green colour in the range 0,90,0 and he becomes problematic. Make him brown in the same range 90,90,0 and it is also a problem. On their own, those colours would be alright, not if you ask me to pick out the green or brown player. But put them on the screen at the same time, and I would be screwed!

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Comment by Chris Wild — October 28, Got it! Actually, I am not just using colored banners. The border points are colored as well but adding the shape should help make things clear. If you are interested, I am planning for the first alpha-test end of October, so if you want to participate I would definitely appreciate it! That way you can see if the shaders have some actual benefit. Comment by Chris Wild — October 29,