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    I asked her if I should get that many even though the app only requires 2, and she said no. I tightened it up quite a bit before I posted it here.

    Pharmacy Personal Statement Examples

    It was my first pass, and things always stand out more in the second pass. Funny how less is more, usually, when it comes to writing. I'm going to play devil's advocate here: as it reads now, I can't help but thinking that I would reject your application. After reading the essay, I come away thinking that the the applicant has a slim chance of success.

    Pharmacy School Personal Statement

    This is not the type of message you want to convey. I like the fact that you want to face your past failures head on, get them out in the open, and address them. That's good.

    But you don't really get to the resolution until the last couple of lines. Instead, there's a lot of detail about how much you've screwed up before, and asides about personal and family drama that come off sounding a bit excuse-ish from a personal standpoint, I by no means want to belittle your experiences or past struggles; however, on a purely professional level, I'm not sure if I care.

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    At the end, I'm supposed to forget about the preceeding paragraphs, and somehow have confidence that this time you're going to follow through. I don't want a hollow promise, I want to be convinced what steps have you taken to position yourself for success? How are you different? You demonstrate your ability to recognize past shortcomings well which is good! Yes, it's certainly an essay that needs to be read from beginning to end.

    I thought about this, and I'm still thinking about it. And I've wondered about whether it was too negative or not. The trouble is that because my academic record is laid bare in front of them, I can't just ignore it. I need to address it; to acknowledge that I know that I have done poorly in the past. I could be positive from beginning to end, but that would ring hollow if I were reading it, because it doesn't match what I see in front of me in terms of numbers. I would conclude that the applicant is either lying, or just plain dumb, and thinks I am too.

    This is the impression I get as well. If you feel that it's necessary to address the numbers, then I would do so as succinctly as possible. Not to skip over the past, but because you should be spending a large portion of the essay talking about the good things you've done and what you intend to do. I don't know the school you're applying for, but my suggestion to anyone who applies for anything is that this isn't just a requirement, it's not just hoops to jump through, it's your opportunity to impress someone.

    Honestly, the majority of your essay doesn't do that. The part about learning to research the drug is great but I'd leave damn and heck out, due to their informal tone , and if you can make the rest of the essay like that, you'd be a shoe-in. Facing your short-comings is one thing, dwelling on them is another. Again, I think this should be used to impress the admission committee rather than explain to them why your grades are so poor. Yes, transcripts can make a difference, but if you can prove to them that you're a quality individual with something to contribute to the program, they're going to see past the numbers.

    People change, they're aware of that. Also, real world experience is much, much more valuable than taking classes. You got kicked out of the house, sorry about that, but what does that mean here? Did it motivate you? Did you learn a lesson that's applicable to this situation? You failed Computer Science, and pharmacy school the first time around. What did you take away from those experiences? Why did you learn to appreciate the thing you'd lost in the first place? What is different about Pharmacy school now, or your outlook on it? Finally, you're going to make things a LOT easier on the people who are vouching for you if you write an essay that impresses others.