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Please ensure that your application is complete by checking our Application Checklist before submitting. We double check our received applications to ensure that they are both complete and accurate. The Admissions Board will then meet for a Pre-Selection Jury, where they will examine your application in detail.

During the Pre-Selection Jury, we will consider all of the formal aspects of your application: your educational background, professional experience and international exposure, as well as your essays and recommendations.

How do you make your MBA application essays really stand out?

All of these aspects are taken into consideration when deciding who to invite for the interview process. If you successfully pass the Pre-Selection Jury, you will be invited for two interviews.

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We find that they truly understand what makes a strong MBA candidate and what it takes to succeed in our program. The interview is a great way for us to assess your communication skills, leadership potential, aspirations and values, as well as how you will fit into the culture at HEC Paris. Both interviews have equal weighting in the decision-making process and will consist of a minute oral presentation on the topic of your choice, followed by an in-depth discussion concerning your application. The interviews are in English. Our interviews usually take place in the two weeks leading up to the final Admissions Jury, so plan to make yourself available during that period.

Once the interviews have been completed, our Admissions Jury will then meet to review your application. They will review every aspect of your application, including your essays, your letters of recommendation and your performance during the interviews. This meeting has three possible outcomes for your application: you may be admitted into the program, not admitted, or placed on the official waiting list.

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You will be informed of the jury's decision within hours. We hold 12 Admissions Juries each year 1 per month. Can't find the answer to a question? Send us a message at admissionmba hec. Our MBA students are not only team players. They are individuals who can inspire their colleagues to do their best work. They are ambitious and motivated individuals who want to make a positive and lasting contribution to any organization they serve.

Our Admissions Board is looking for well-rounded applicants who show a strong desire and ability to succeed. Alongside the technical requirements needed to enroll in our MBA program, we also value the following:. We value applicants who show proof of academic strength, with a degree from an accredited university, with a solid knowledge base that they can build upon during their MBA experience. We also look for candidates who are able and willing to mobilize and adapt their existing knowledge in order to use it within their MBA program. Students must have the intellectual capabilities to thrive in demanding circumstances.

During the application process, we take your professional background into consideration. We want to see clear evidence of career progression over time, and proof that you have excelled in your current role. You must be able to display the ability and desire to progress professionally. You should be driven with a strong sense of personal direction in order to achieve your chosen career objectives.

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  • You should be able to share instances where you have excelled as a leader in your personal or professional life. You must be a well-rounded individual, able to adapt to different cultures from all over the world and collaborate with people of different backgrounds. You must have a good understanding of cultural differences, as well as be ready to share your knowledge and experience with others. The more you know about how our program fits into your expectations and your future career goals, the better we can judge if you would strive at HEC Paris.

    You must have a clear motivation in applying for the MBA program at HEC Paris, and your application must be consistent in reflecting this. We value passion, humility, individuality and respect for others. You must be able to lead as well as collaborate within a team. For your application to be considered complete and ready be reviewed for admission, it should meet the following requirements:. You must have completed an undergraduate program at an accredited university. We will require official academic transcripts as proof.

    The requirement of an undergraduate degree may be waived if:. The ideal candidate has between 2 and 10 years of professional working experience the average for the Class of is 6 years. You must have completed and submitted your online application form , which includes the following items:. Learn more.

    Unless you go to a top one and apply for the investment banking associate role there is very little to get from doing an MBA. The only reason why it makes sense to do one if you want to head for Inv bank or consultancy work is because due to the vast number of applications and the need to demonstrate that they are packed with intelligent people, a good way of choosing new staff is by just taking on a few MBAs from harvard, wharton and insead.

    This makes sense because they are already rich as they are able to fund an MBA, will therefore have good contacts and most importantly can act like they now what they are doing in an industry which prides itself on pretending just that.

    Common MBA Application Essay Prompts

    Dont bother with the essay unless you want to go into those industries, are loaded and something else. That is really a brilliant publish, many credit for telling Good luck I found out about this specific website. Perkembangan teknologi yang bersifat netral bahasa Inggris: neutral technological progress.

    Why does a business school program requires it?

    Thank you for sharing this article helpful to us. I will keep your website on my computer so I'm easy to visit it again. Among these would be some which will be difficult to write. They would require more effort than the others. However these important documents carry much higher marks and preference than the others. One such type of essay is the Compare and Contrast Essay which is beneficial for your analytical skill development.

    Below is a guide of how to write such type of essay coherently. Analyze both texts equally You can't compose a decent essay paper without first perusing what you've been appointed! Also, to create a decent essay, you must read both texts precisely. It would most likely help you to make notes mental or, even better, physical ones as you read, checking things you consider imperative.

    MBA Sample Essays

    This sort of per-composing work can give you a genuine head-begin on your real article when you take a seat to do it. This step is surely going to help you in the further writing process. If it is difficult for you to write an essay, you can always refer to Essay Help Services for your academic needs.

    Spot out the similarity and difference It is just like playing a game of spotting out the likeness and the distinction. Read both texts carefully and assess them with concentration important because even small details matter. Once you've perused all that you need to, draw up arrangements of how those functions are comparative and diverse to each other. This is the point at which those notes you might've made back in stride one could prove to be useful. Amid this stage, simply record whatever rings a bell, regardless of how miniscule you think it might be.

    Make important points as the center The reference text which is given to you must be based on a specific theme or subject. Thus, there may be a point which is talked more about, and will be the central theme of the essay. You should make it a significant part of your essay. There may be more than one point which fall into this category. Pick only the argument which will create the most convincing exposition you can compose. Choose components, for case, that are integral to the characteristics of both works. Consider their real topics, principle characters and the messages of each - it's probable one of these will give the foundation to your article.

    On the off chance that, for occurrence, both writings have the same essential topic, you could compose a paper about the comparable and contrast ways they investigate that subject. Complete the missing details Once you have your essay format ready, get ready to create a masterpiece. Now you would just need to take the support of the drafts which you have already written. You should also get your drafts approved by your instructors. For thoroughly analytic papers, you can easily escape with having one main example to support each point that you make.

    This is the purpose of the product Manfaat melia propolis. There are many careers that are just closed without an MBA. Yes, they pay well. Nothing wrong with being ambitious. Yes, you could get experience in the "school of hard knocks" and such.