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Essay about Differences in Communication between Men and Women

She uses several different examples to back up her statements including early childhood differences in communication between girls and boys, the body language men use and how women tend to interpret it, and how women tend to receive information while communicating. Men and women have very different expectations when it comes to communicating with one another.

The way women converse varies greatly from the way men tend to converse.

Difference between men and women

Even young girls and boys have very different ways of communicating with one another. Young children tend to play with other children of the same gender, and the boys and girls tend to have completely different social interactions with one another. Women tend to think men are not listening to them based on the position men take when carrying on a conversation.

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Most women, when talking, tend to look one another in the eye. Men on the other hand tend to look around the room, occasionally catching a glance at the person they are conversing with. Women also tend to stay on one topic for longer periods of time than men. Men tend to be more silent listeners. All these misinterpretations of communication tend to drive a wedge between men and women.

A big reason communication fails between men and women is a lack of understanding the different ways in which men and women communicate. These differences begin to clarify why women and men have such different expectations about communication in marriage Women tend to be offended by the oppositional form of communication, and men find the random babblings of a woman to be useless and unimportant. Understanding these differences as cross-cultural rather than individual can help forge solutions to these problems without placing blame on the individual.

Communication between men and women is certainly cross-cultural.

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Most men avoid crying since it is considered as weakness. Hence women are more expressive in terms of their emotions and feelings. This is besides anger because men are said to be worse tempered than women. According to some researchers, most of these differences are attributed to socialization and the different cultures that people grow up in. Males are always expected to be tough and to be the main providers in the family. This can be clearly seen by the kind of jobs many men take. Some jobs are said to be masculine.

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For example construction jobs, engineering, top political jobs etc. Despite this there are females who are in these jobs. This has come as a result of the changes that have come over the years as females are determined to strive for equality. This gender equality cannot be totally achieved due to some biological reasons.

The physique of males is different. They have broader and stronger upper part of their bodies. Therefore this explains the reason why some jobs which require physical energy cannot be done by most women. This is also seen in sporting events. The records set in track events by men are better than those set by women. There has always been a major concern about the issue of whether men and women are different.

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Of course their anatomy is different and in many other ways they are different. There has been pressing concern of whether their hormonal difference does influence how their behavior and attitudes are. Some feminist and gay theorists normally oppose the question and maintain the differences between men and women are as a result of the socialization that is always in a men dominated environment. They claim that, the distinction between the two genders is due to the patriarchal oppression which lenders women to the feminine gender roles.

There are also some biological differences which do exist from the two sexes. When one looks at a male child and on a female child, it is very obvious that they are different. Science makes plain that males and females are different from the moment of conception. As Amram Scheinfeld notes in Your Heredity and Environment, these differences between men and women are evident in the chromosomes which carry inherited traits from the father and mother.

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes within each cell; twenty-two of these are alike in both males and females. However, Scheinfeld feels that when we come to the twenty-third pair, the sexes are not the same. But a man has just one Xits mate being the much smaller Y. It is the presence of this influential Y chromosome that sets the machinery of sex development in motion and results in all the genetic differences that there are between a man and a woman.

Right down to the cellular level, males and females are different. Sex differentiation takes place immediately as the male or female begins to develop within the womb. The sex hormones --primarily estrogen and testosterone--have a significant impact on the behavior of males and females. Why do boys typically like to play with trucks and girls like to play with dolls?

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Feminists usually claim this is the result of socialization, but there is growing scientific evidence that boys and girls are greatly influenced by their respective hormones. Males and females are not only markedly different in the hormones that drive them, but they are also different in the way they think.

The brains of men and women are actually wired differently. Our advantages.