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You can view samples of our professional work here. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Unemployment is one of the major social problems affecting many countries in the world, US being no exception.

Unemployment, also referred to as joblessness, is a situation where people lack jobs yet are actively searching for work. The most affected, according to research, are the youths who find themselves idle for lack of jobs after completion of their studies. The rate of unemployment is a measure of the unemployment prevalence, which is calculated as a percentage by dividing the number of unemployed people by the total number of those in employment. Research shows that many countries experience high unemployment rates during recession periods. This kind of scenario was experienced in , according to Yates , who reveals that more than million individuals across the globe found themselves out of employment because of dwindling economies.

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In spite of the fact that the US is one of the most developed countries in the world with a relatively stable economy, it has a considerable rate of unemployment among its citizens Yates, This issue has not always gone well with the US citizens and politicians who use it as a tool to fight their opponents during political campaigns. The objective of this paper is to explore the problem of unemployment in the United States.

Wassel reveals that there are about He notes that this figure only accounts for those looking for jobs. Wassel goes on to justify the magnitude by arguing that there are more people who are unemployed in the US than the total population of people in the state of Illinois, the fifth largest state in the country. In fact, he translates this unemployment rate to mean that if they were to be a country, then the unemployed in the US would be regarded as the 68th largest country in the world, which would be bigger than population of Portugal and Greece, which stands at This high unemployment rates experienced in the US has mainly been blamed on the declining economic growth that has been experienced in the US following global financial crisis.

Nevertheless, the US government have been struggling to come up with polices to help boost the economy so that many job opportunities can be created for the unemployed in the US. Indeed this has seen a decline in the unemployment rate since President Barack Obama introduced an economic stimulus package. It is also noted that historically since till the rate of unemployment in the US averaged 5. They're not intended to be submitted as your own work, so we don't waste time removing every error.

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Did you find something inaccurate, misleading, abusive, or otherwise problematic in this essay example? Let us know! We'll take a look right away. View Full Essay. Unemployment, however, exhibits certain demographic characteristics, in particular, unemployment is concentrated amongst black Africans, the less educated, the youth, women and those without prior work experience i. Better Essays words 2. According to a study conducted by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research BOCSAR , the relative effect of unemployment rates coinciding with an increase in crime rates are substantial and suggest that policies aimed at improving employment opportuinites for those who face more obstacles can also be effective tools for combating crime One of the problems is that many applying for unemployment are considered to be unskilled.

This can be fixed by providing job training. Another one of the problems with unemployment is created by the requirements that must be met in order to receive and retain benefits. A solution to this is to change the constraints associated with unemployment benefits Better Essays words 4. The biggest macroeconomic concept that directly affects all people is unemployment. The family can lose income and reduce standard of living, when a member of family is unemployed. Understanding what unemployment really is and how it works is a critical question for both for the economists and for the consumers.

The unemployment is a wasted capacity. This means that the economy is producing fewer goods and services than it could produce Once information on these variables are obtained and categorized by subsections of the labor force, policy makers study the data to create a plan of action that best fits the economy at that time. Prior to creating plan of action, the data is analyzed to determine where the data fits within the labor force. To be considered part of the labor force the individual needs to fall in to the main two of the three categories acknowledge by the BLS.

An individual would be categorized by unemployed, employed, or neither Better Essays words 5. It is important to note that as much of a global phenomenon unemployment it is, unemployment occurs in numerous forms, economists have broken down unemployment into three main types: Frictional, structural and cyclical Research Papers words 7. Introduction Unemployment refers to people who are available for work but are not employed and have tried to seek for jobs during the previous four weeks.

Unemployment can also be subdivided into classical unemployment, frictional unemployment, structural unemployment, cyclical unemployment, seasonal unemployment and long-term unemployment. Unemployment lowers the living standard and creates financial burden to the unemployed people. It also increases mental stress and lowering the self-esteem Powerful Essays words 4.

Essay on Causes of Unemployment

With unemployment rates soaring the causes of this are from aging, teenagers, and outsourcing even though some refute with saying it is self inflicted. One of the things that cause unemployment to keep increasing is the age of people. Seeing as there is almost no family not affected by this great recession, there must have been a cause. Good Essays words 2. Unemployment is when an individual is available to work of a working age looking for a paid job or workers who are unsuccessful in searching to find a paid job.

There are several economics problems that affects the growth of unemployment, therefore, this essay will discuss the methods used to measure unemployment, the major economic factors that have an impact on unemployment and the effect of unemployment on the government and citizens Unemployment can be rather common in areas of depression and impoverishment.

When an economic crisis comes about, many lose jobs and guide our country in high rates of unemployment. The unemployment rate is actually the lowest it has been since , standing at 5. Better Essays words 3 pages Preview.

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There are now approximately million individuals that are jobless, and the increasing unemployment rate is inherently bad for the world. A vast number of individuals, families, and various relationships in the world take a destructive path due to unemployment When there is longer period of unemployment for a person, the difficulty will be more for a person to get out of the unemployment vicious cycle.

There would be a self-perpetuating effect when there is chronic unemployment. The reason for chronic unemployment is that the employers they do not find unemployed persons as attractive. The unemployment rate increases the unemployment financial costs. The nation and the government of the economy suffer. The government has to pay some form of employment benefits to the person who are unemployed People often use such things without ever appreciating the privilege.

Our government does a decent job of providing public services that Americans often use. A few examples are public transportation, public bathrooms, and unemployment payments. I believe unemployment payments should provide limited benefits and restrictions towards often offenders Good Essays words 6. Unemployment can be defined in many ways, however, unemployment is best defined as someone who is actively looking for a job and is unable to find one.

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Unemployment is the best way to measure how our economy is doing. The most used measure to determine how our economy is doing is the unemployment rate. There are three main types of unemployment These two important terms of the economy are inversely related to each other. This relation posts an intuitive sense among the economists. Philips first reported the tradeoff between unemployment and inflation, it has been called after him as Philips curve.

The simple logic between this is that workers will be needed to push for higher wages as unemployment increases Strong Essays words 9. I will then identify some main policy responses to unemployment. Using this evidence I will discuss how these policies have impacted on different groups in society. There is no clear definition of unemployment as how it is explained can have implications on policy responses.

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Ideologies and political parties explain what it is not such as joblessness, instead of what it is Sociology of unemployment, pg: There is also a difficulty in measuring unemployment due to insufficient knowledge Better Essays words 6. Since there have not been many studies completed in this area of research I will use an observational study involving uncontrolled mean comparisons to explain the relationship between different independent variables to the dependent variable of the unemployment rate.

I am just looking to see if there is a relationship at this time. Further research in the future could involve using controlled mean comparisons to see if an outside variable that can be controlled is the actually cause of a relationship with the unemployment rate People who are unemployed think that filing for unemployment insurance is a good way to solve your problems. The money used for unemployment insurance should be put to better use by fixing roads and saving schools.

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Unemployment insurance is a unique federal-state program, which is financed by unemployment program tax contributions from employers Workforce and Economic Development. Most people do not know that there are different types of unemployment This increase has created many complications for the American people. Although the United States economy has created over 7 million jobs, there is still a long way to go until the economy is back on track.

go here The unemployment rate is divided into variables; such as employment level, unemployment level, labor force and stock variables. At a certain time in a recession they are measured in quantities.

Due to a flow of variables such as natural populations, net immigrations, new entrances, and retirements there is change to the labor force A man loses his job and has no money to feed his family. One might assume left with no other means the man might resort to stealing. The United States is currently in the midst of a recession so severe some speculate will last longer than the Great Depression. Various indicators of the economic health such as the unemployment rate and home foreclosures have reached their worst records in decades over the last several months.

Given the state of the financial crisis law enforcement agencies have warned of increased criminal activity Good Essays words 1. This could help you find areas which might need some work. Furthermore this will be a good discussion to have with spouse, family or at a clergy support group or gathering. What impact would unemployment have on your significant relationships. How would you "end" or change your relationship with your current work site during the last stages. Would you move out of the community, if not how would you relate to them.

Where would you find social community of any sort Free Essays words 5. Through their analysis, the authors conclude that the wait-and-see hypothesis both accounts for the delayed employment growth and explains JIT practices This occurs when the economies output strays from the economies potential Gross Domestic Product. Our economy has the power to create jobs which would increase our economic growth.